The ICS-ISAC is a non-profit Knowledge Sharing Center established to help facilities develop situational awareness in support of local, national and international security. At the ICS-ISAC facility operators, integrators, vendors, researchers and the communities they support work together to share the means and methods necessary to maintain safe and stable societies.

The Center creates means for the sharing of knowledge through Human-to-Human (H2H) and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) methods.

Human-to-Human sharing is promoted through mechanisms such as ongoing series’ of events for members and for the public community where subject matter experts provide briefings on critical topics. Guides to publicly-available resources are maintained to make knowledge accessible to those responsible for securing infrastructure.  You can also find us on Twitter (@ICSISAC) and LinkedIn.

Fostering the adoption of automated Machine-to-Machine knowledge sharing is a core focus on the ICS ISAC. With our membership we are developing and piloting the Situational Awareness Reference Architecture (SARA). SARA is a practical compilation of standard practices, processes and technologies which can be used by asset owners, knowledge centers and their public and private partners to guide the implementation of local and shared situational awareness.

There is only a single global infrastructure. Neither geographical, national nor industry-segment boundaries separate our own risks from the safety and stability of others. Only by working together can we ensure the benefits of modern civilization for ourselves.


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